Amazing Luxury Getaway


Self-pampering at the highest level

A stay including treatment, spa and gastronomic treats in the city’s most unique surroundings.

In the middle of the rugged landscape right on the edge of the harbour in Copenhagen’s old North Harbour district you find THEKRANE. A symbol of past times’ industrial harbour activities. You still sense the industrial vibe with containers as far as the eye can see towards east where The Øresund Bridge and offshore wind turbines are dancing with each other on the horizon in the light from the morning sun. In the other direction the sun lights up the marina and all the way up along the north shore.

Inside THEKRANE cogwheels, metal wires, iron, steel and brawn is replaced by soft lines and Danish design along with a warm tranquillity that contrasts the rough surroundings in an almost symbiotic manner.

THEKRANE is an absolute unique place for relaxation and self-pampering and with our Amazing Luxury Getaway you get the full package:

Once you have checked in (between 1 and 3 pm) and settled in the room you will have a small selection of healthy refreshments and snacks in the old wheelhouse hanging directly above the water at 15 metres. The wheelhouse is now an astonishing lounge and lookout with a cosy daybed and floor to ceiling window facing Svanemøllen, the marina and Tuborg Harbour on the opposite side of the water.

After the breath taking welcome our skilled massage therapists will take you on a Nordic spa-journey, which we are not afraid to guarantee that you have never had before: In your very own private spa, freely hanging 8 metres above ground with panoramic views of the coastline, Elsinore and our Swedish neighbours, you will be pampered and taken care of in an extraordinary sensory experience bound to sooth both body and soul before even more indulgence awaits.

Later on, it is time to treat those taste buds. The renowned gourmet restaurant SILO – another North Harbour landmark – has put together a special menu for THEKRANE that combines luxury ingredients with some of that famous Danish “hygge”. You decide for yourself whether you want to enjoy the meal in the room, on one of the three terraces or on the actual dock downstairs from THEKRANE – it is up to you. There is of course also a selection of wine, bubbles, beer and drinks to suit any taste and preference, at your disposal. Afterwards the rest of the evening is for yourself to enjoy.

The following morning is all about peace and calm and taking your time. A breakfast consisting of freshly baked buns, yoghurt, eggs, juice and fruit will be served at your desired time – again, wherever you please. The mornings at THEKRANE are something else and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the meditative silence and state of mind as you won’t have to check out until noon, which also gives you time for a nice walk, a lovely bike ride (bikes are available) or maybe a dip in the ocean followed by a sauna session?

The Amazing Luxury Getaway-package
consists of the following


Matcha lemonade served with healthy snacks – for instance toasted chickpeas, homemade grissini and a purée of seasonal greens.


Nordic spa experience in opulent surroundings with a panoramic view of the sea and horizon. Enjoy your own spa suite floating over the Copenhagen harbor. Amazing Space’s team of skilled spa experts will make the visit an exceptional and unforgettable sensory experience.

Begin with a body massage using warm aromatherapy oil to remove tension and myoses, as well as, a nourishing facial with exfoliation and carbon mask. Continue with a “body polish” of mineral salts and herbs that cleanse the body, then finishing with a sauna ritual and spa jacuzzi to be enjoyed in privacy.

Dinner by Restaurant SILO

  • Caviar with creme fraiche and chives
  • Oysters with condiments
  • Sustainably caught tuna with grilled lemon and bread
  • Salted almonds and cashews
  • Olives and baby peaches
  • Charcuteri, sausage and rillette
  • Burrata with seasonal greens
  • A variety of cheese with crunch and sweet
  • Bread and butter
  • Petit fours

Selection of drinks and snacks

Help yourself to everything in the well-assorted minibar and liquor cabinet consisting of wine, champagne, liquor, soft drinks and sweet and salty snacks.


  • Freshly baked bread
  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Jam
  • Yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Juice

All brought to your doorstep when you wish.

Late checkout

The room is yours until noon.

Amazing Space products

Organic care- and grooming products for face, body and soul both during your stay and to take home with you as well.

Booking & Price

For reservation please send an email to

The price for the stay is 1134 EUR per person for two persons.


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