Skin Feeding


Skin Feeding Programme

The Skin Feeding Programme is a different health promoting guide to clear and glowing skin.

The programme includes combined diet, consultation and professional treatments tailored to your individual needs over a 3-month period to achieve inner health and outer beauty.

Create inner balance and effortless radiance, through a healthy lifestyle, being attuned to one’s individual needs and skin type, being the best version of yourself, and thriving, regardless of age.

Our lifestyle is of the utmost importance for our appearance, and we can eat our way to radiant skin and a healthy body, with a high energy level. However, we need the right balance of nutrients, sleep and good skin care in everyday life to maintain a flawless face, with suppleness, strength, elasticity, tissue resilience and optimal energy in all body cells.

Learn how to provide your body with essential nutrients, as well as what you should specifically avoid, to achieve inner health and outer beauty.

The skin is your body’s largest organ. Its beauty depends on your inner balance and reflects any imbalances in your health. If you are balanced, your skin is beautiful, soft, hydrated and glowing. Swelling, redness, impurities, dehydration and matte skin, on the other hand, indicate a health imbalance and / or lack of proper care and nutrients.

With the Skin Feeding Programme treatment, our experts help you create or maintain your inner glow with your very own bespoke routine!

The Skin Feeding Programme includes three consecutive treatments of 90, 55 and 55 min. during a 3-month schedule providing a concentrated beauty vitamin boost.

The procedure includes 3 intensive treatments with a specially developed “face pudding”, a skin scan, an individual diet programme and a home care kit including organic vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, collagen boost, omega 3,5,6,7,9 and daily aloe vera shots and “Beauty Spices”.

Your bespoke programme is designed by a “Skin Dietician”, a specialized and certified skin therapist at Amazing Space.

Price: 533 EUR (Value 667 EUR)

The key words are detoxification, regeneration and balance. The skin reveals internal imbalances that you can correct with the right diet. Are you affected by impurities, rashes, eczema and a ruddy complexion, or does your skin look sad, grey, sagging and / or aging?

Recent studies show that not only the blood content of antioxidants, but also the content of sugar, affects how quickly the skin ages and where inflammation, wrinkles, pigmentation issues and acne occur.

Overall, we work with 3 guidelines to achieve balance and a beautiful look with the healthy glow from the inside:

D-Tox = Detoxification
D-Age = Regeneration
D-Stress = Anti-Inflammation and Balance

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