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The Precious Skin care range is designed for pampering yourself and your skin with exclusive and exquisite care. All products contain precious essences in the form of crystals, pearls and gemstones as a remedy for inner and outer beauty.

For centuries, humans have been drawn to the beauty of gemstones, and crystals are said to have an impact on both our physical and mental well-being. Each stone has its own unique illuminating and energizing property.

Indulge and explore our universe of products that, with respect for nature and its unique powers, combines exclusive crystals, pearls and gemstones with active, natural ingredients.

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Precious By Amazing Space

Elemental Stone Energy + Plant Chemistry

Precious by Amazing Space is a luxurious skincare range, created by Laura Bonné, from extracts of crystals, pearls and gemstones. Unique formulas blend multi-nourishing and cell-protective ingredients from crystals and gemstones to create radiant, vitalizing and illuminating effects on the skin and lips. The jewel essences are used in cleansing products, creams, serums, masks, exfoliators and also treatments.

“It is almost a magical blessing to add ingredients such as crystals full of vibrating energy and illuminating beauty when creating exclusive product formulas. The result is a series of skincare products in a new category, somewhere between skin care and makeup – a unique way to apply elements from nature’s treasure trove. Pearls, diamonds, crystals and precious stones have been used for millennia for jewellery and spiritual rituals. In this series, they are used with a new purpose for their skin care benefits”.


About Active “Precious” Ingredients

The gemsstones originate from many different mountainous places in the world, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, California and Canada. They are refined for cosmetic use in France.


Pearl and diamond powders are some of the best kept secrets in the beauty world. Their use spans from the royal beauty regime of Cleopatra to traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The illuminating extracts are used in cosmetics for their anti-inflammatory, stimulating and anti-bacterial properties. The crushed stones form a transparent powder veil to illuminate the skin surface with a renewed glow by reflecting the rays of light through ultrafine particles. These atomizing particles create an optical, illuminating and cell protective shield, while nourishing and protecting the skin.

Magnetism - how it works

Crystals and stones become electrically charged through the activation of body heat or movement. When added as an infusion into products, they magnetically attract or repel small objects such as dust particles, dirt, grime or sebum.


Crystal formulations strengthen the skin’s defence against free radicals, oxidative stress and UV damage to skin cells through a high concentration of gluthathione – the “master antioxidant” that protects the cell and DNA protective. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione (enzyme) are super antioxidants available in crystal and pearl formulations.


Diamonds are crushed into an ultra-fine, atomizing powder before added as an ingredient. Diamond dust micro-exfoliates, and deep cleanses dull, gray skin and increases the micro-circulation in the skin’s capillaries to oxygenate the skin.

The sparkling brilliant dust, is also used to illuminate the skin. Some types of diamonds are characterized by their spectacular colours, called ‘fancy diamond tones’, with shades like pink, red or blue. These are rare diamonds and very expensive.


Pearl powder contains several amino acids and minerals, which help inhibit melanin production and help cell repair and skin protection. Pearl also has a strong antioxidant effect.

Pearl extract is collected from a special solution of refined pearl powder in salt water. Chemically, pearl consists of the protein conchiolin, a composite of 17 amino acids. The cultured pearls are grown on farms, and harvested from salt water Akoya oysters, or fresh water mussels.

Tourmaline & Ruby

Tourmaline and ruby are crystals with intense glow and warmth. These gemstones are micronized into a golden, reddish powder which boost microcirculation and add radiance, healthy glow and revitalize the lips and skin. Also used in complexion products such as lip balm and cc cream to tone the skin.


This crystal soothes reactive skin, improves texture and evens skin tone. It contains micronized crystals that help to even out the complexion by refracting with the light and providing a soothing energy to harmonize and calm the skin surface. ”Aquamarine” means seawater in Latin. The blue, turquoise seawater colour neutralises any redness.

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Welcome to PRO:LAB – our new high potency skin care series based on highly concentrated active ingredients and designed to improve your skin! PRO:LAB is the result of many years of collaboration between Senior Plastic Surgeon, Louise Vennegaard Mielke, and the founder of Amazing Space, Laura Bonné.