Sustainability, Ingredients & Packaging

Amazing Space prioritizes sustainable solutions when selecting raw materials, ingredients, and packaging.

Packaging & Environment

We use glass and recyclable plastic for our packaging to prevent harmful chemicals from contaminating the contents.

Our ingredients are natural and organic – grown with respect for nature and the environment.

The glass we use is melted in special “CO2 emission-friendly” ovens in the Netherlands. It contains natural UV-protection to protect the active ingredients inside the glass.

The plastic we use is a lightweight recyclable material.

In Denmark, we have a strong tradition of recycling glass, and our recycling of plastic is improving.

All our boxes and brochures are made of recycled paper.

We encourage separating waste in our daily life at workplaces and at homes, where careful separation of glass, paper and plastic is essential for recycling and converting waste to energy.

Nature As A Supplier

Nature is our supplier with ingredients that are natural and organic.

Amazing Space products are free of artificial dyes, perfumes and petroleum.

Formulas are created from natural and organic plant bases, therefore, our products can vary in texture, color and fragrance – just like fresh food for our skin! Think about how an apple or a tomato is never 100% similar.


Organic beauty products take into consideration the environment. There is no official definition of an ”organic cosmetic”, and requirements vary from country to country.

There are very few products that contain 100% organic ingredients. Oils and balms without added water can be 100% organic, but creams, lotions and shampoos contain water and water can never be 100% organic. The same is true with regards to mineral makeup, as minerals cannot be organic either.

Sun filters and self-tanning products can also not be classified as organic ingredients.

There are many different organic certifications, but no official Danish or European legislation, concerning the use of the word natural or organic. Certifications are always issued by private companies and there is no public control thereof. Certifications are often expensive, and ultimately passing the costs on to the consumer. Certifications are, for the most part, positive. However, the lack of transparency can create false confidence with the consumer.

Amazing Space strives for a high content of both natural and organic ingredients, varying from 20-100%, but to date we have opted to stay out of the certification jungle. The natural and organic content can be found under the ingredient lists for each product.

Our products are at minimum 95% natural, the only exception being, sunscreens.

Natural Fragrances

Our fragrances are natural, derived from plants, flowers and herbs. The colors are also natural, derived from vegetable extracts, plants, flowers, fruits and minerals.

Our perfumes produced in Grasse are genuine, natural plant and flower fragrances, and even the natural alcohol used is organic.

Natural perfume is very expensive and more time-consuming to produce compared to the traditional, artificial perfume industry. Natural, genuine perfumes are produced by special steam distillation and cold pressing which do not harm the environment.

Baby Care

Our baby products are extra gentle. The products are neutral and 100% fragrance free. Protective, rich ingredients are used to create the smooth, buttery texture to shield sensitive new skin from wind, weather and cold.

Natural & New Technology - "Green" Chemistry

Amazing Space unites the natural with new technology. Chemistry is often misunderstood as being “bad”. However, note that everything in our world is chemistry. We are chemistry ourselves, and e.g. Water, H2O, is chemistry. Just as the oxygen we breathe, O2, is chemistry.

In our products we mainly use the green chemistry that we extract from nature. We also utilize other forms of chemistry, which are natural to our body, but cannot be “picked from a plant” – for example hyaluronic acid, which consists of organic molecules, but is produced in a laboratory. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin, making it easy to absorb. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet and has a plumping and magically smoothing effect on the skin’s surface, which is why we use it in many of our creams.


At Amazing Space, we use the minimum amount of preservatives in our products, showing respect for both the skin and the environment.

We use exclusively vitamin E, as a 100% natural preservative, for all forms of products without water content, this being oils and balms.

However, preserving all products containing water is a necessity as well as a legal requirement. Without preservatives, bacterial or fungal growth may occur, and the product will self-contaminate. There are no approved preservatives that are 100% natural for use in this context, and here we use sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, phenoxyethanol ethanol or benzyl alcohol. These substances are a form of salts or alcohol. Alcohol, being used in a minimal dose to avoid skin irritation, must be added to ensure durability and prevent bacterial growth.

No Parabens

Chemically, parabens are a group of substances that are often used for the preservation of cosmetics. They are extremely effective and can ensure extreme long-term durability, which is why they are also used by the cosmetic industry. There are many different opinions and uncertainties about the risks of using parabens. Some parabens are now prohibited for cosmetic use. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products under the European Commission has assessed that the two parabens, methyl and ethyl, pose no risk when used in authorized quantities.

However, there are problems in the permitted “quantities”, since we use many different products in our daily life such as. shampoo, conditioner, soap, face care, body care, scents, makeup etc., which all add toxic burden on the body.

At Amazing Space, we take no such risks and have chosen not to use parabens at all.

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