Our inner well-being is often overlooked and neglected in a beauty industry, where the products applied externally to the skin are often given the greatest value. However, the idea that we can segment the body in that way, is fundamentally wrong. The body is a holistic system – everything is interconnected, and the skin’s radiance is mostly based on our inner well-being.

One of the fundamental building blocks of Amazing Space is the principle that inner health and outer beauty go hand in hand, which is why organic vitamins, minerals, herbs and omega fatty acids are key words in our universe. Topically applied or ingested, the combination of our beauty care and supplements is the best way to achieve optimal, visible results.

Nutriceuticals is our range of skin foods such as supplements, oil infusions, liquid skin hydrators, shakes and herbal teas which provide easy options to nourish, rejuvenate and balance from within. By consuming extra vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, in quantities that are virtually impossible to eat, the body is saturated with nutrients. The skin, which is the last organ to receive nourishment, can finally benefit from its amazing results – clean, supple, glowing skin shining with healthy radiance.

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