Skin Care Books

We are beauty nerds – we like to admit that. Our universe is based on technical knowledge of how our skin and appearance react when diverse ingredients are applied, consumed or avoided. Everything has an effect – either an add-on or an opt-out. It can be an advantage to know your skin, your children’s skin, the principles behind the skin’s reaction patterns, as well as our Amazing Space brand.

Our books give you deep insight to how the skin behaves when exposed to different ingredients or nutrition. Our books are created to share professional knowledge of beauty and skin care in a simple easy format that many people can understand and enjoy.

Many of our books also contain recipes for homemade beauty care as well as tips and advice for all skin conditions.

Our books appeal to beauty lovers who want to delve deeper into a world of wellbeing – or who just need more decoration on the shelf at home. Professionals who seek inspiration and want to know more about a holistic beauty perspective, will also benefit.

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