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Nature’s fragrances have been used as a tool for centuries. Some people still philosophize on why some scents are more attractive than others. Fragrances have direct access to our brain, and our inner state is extremely affected by the scents we surround ourselves with. The mind can be influenced through the sense of smell and manipulate the brain to enter a certain state – through memory, emotions and associations.

The Sweet Charity range contains a selection of perfumes, scented candles and diffusers, each with its own evocative power. Use the perfume and its seductive capabilities for when you leave home, and scented candles and diffusers to achieve peace, well-being, renewed energy or abundance in your home.

Explore our range and find a fragrance with the aromatic properties you are looking for. Fragrances are very personal and necessary to test before choosing. You are welcome to visit our Amazing Space retailers, where you can try our fragrances.

Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity Fragrance range offers a beneficial experience of Aromatherapy, and its holistic impact on body, mind and spirit. Based on 100% natural, organic essential oils, the concentrated extracts from flowers, leaves, herbs and wood – leave their own unique impression, on body and mind.

Use as traditional perfume, home fragrance, on your bedsheets or as a body splash. The exquisite scents of the various essential oils have a “clearing” effect, purifying the air and create a healthy, relaxing indoor environment – unlike heavy, synthetic perfumes that have a polluting effect.

Available as diffusers, perfumes and scented candles.

About Aromatherapy – The Magic Of Natural Fragrance

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants – seeds, flowers, bark, leaves and stems. An essential oil is the purest, fragrant, “essence” of the plant, extracted by steam distillation. Unlike an ordinary vegetable oil, which is simply squeezed out of the plant, an aromatic essential oil is extracted in extremely small quantities.

A tonne of plant material may produce only a litre of aromatic oil. When distilled, the aromatic essential oil is gaseous and volatile, with a very powerful fragrance. To prevent evaporation, it is mixed with a small amount of carrier oil. Concentrated and powerful, essential oils have varying, beneficial effects on our nervous system, depending on the type of plant.

Choose between:

White Tea
To balance and increase concentration. Airy and light, relieves headaches, improves memory.

To provide energy and mental surplus. Stimulates, invigorates, enhances your dreams and spiritual abilities. Tones, cools, increases circulation and relieves headaches.

To relax and soothe the mind. Improves redness and irritation, de-stresses nerves and balances the body.

Ylang Ylang
To open your heart. Sensual, romantic and exotic scent from beautiful, yellow, orchid-like flowers. An aphrodisiac with a reputation as nature’s alternative to Viagra.

To enhance self-esteem and mental clarity. Refreshing, fruity, sweet, with sophisticated top notes.

Aromatherapy adds an extra sensorial dimension, because the scents affect our limbic nervous system, creating energy, vitality, balance or relaxation – both mentally and physically.

Aromatherapy essential oils have so many wonderful uses – as pure perfumes, massage oils, candles, aromatherapy burners, diffusers, bathtubs, pillows, in the car or in the office. Use aromatherapy to uplift and transform your daily wellbeing.

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