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Our therapists are among the most skilled in their field and apply holistic methods.

There are infinitely many skin types and conditions that all need different care. In addition, our skin is organic, constantly changing due to climate, age, mental state, vitamin and mineral balance and more. It is important to receive expert advice regarding your skin’s current needs.

It’s not about bizarre trends, or changing who you are, but about creating greater well-being so you can be the best version of yourself.

The Spa experts at Amazing Space can identify exactly what works for your skin and tailor your personalized treatment to give you the best leverage for a healthy and radiant appearance.

Laura Bonné

Laura is the woman behind the award-winning concept Amazing space since 2002. Amazing Space is a holistic spa and beauty concept with a range of specially developed therapies including unique facial treatments, body treatments, massage, spa treatments …

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Rikke Porse

Rikke Porse is a highly skilled skin therapist, nail technician, cosmetic-acupuncturist and hairdresser and has over the past years particularly specialised in total-styling of hair and makeup for weddings, film, photo and party …

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Dorte Mølholt

27 years as a beautician and still in her right element. Dorte is specialised in facial and body treatments, massage and has extensive experience offering advice and guidance in diet and nutritional supplements to support the individual’s needs and skin type …

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Heidi Hauguel

Heidi is a trained beautician with over 10 years’ experience, including 6 years running her own beauty clinic. Heidi has broad knowledge and experience working with organic skincare and body products: with quality and purity in beauty care being …

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Nina Salo

Nina Salo is a holistic minded reflexology therapist and cosmetologist, who trained in her native country, Finland. In addition to having her own clinic, Nina worked with a dermatologist for 15 years …

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Tinna Pagel

Tinna has a burning passion for beauty therapy. Tinna is a trained cosmetician, makeup artist and spa therapist. Tinna’s enthusiasm and passion for beauty and wellness clearly shines through during her treatments …

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Helle Brit Andersen

Helle Brit Andersen is an experienced masseuse. In addition to her massage education she is also specialized in A.L.T techniques (graduated from Stanley Rosenberg Institute), and Nontox facelift with acupuncture technique. Helle is known to leave her clients …

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Mette Skouborg

Mette has an education in sports massage and acupuncture, and she has known all her life, that she wanted to pursue a career in healing and treating people. After several years in the film and media industry, Mette refocused her career in 2010 to solely concentrate on her vocation as a therapist …

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Signe Wolf

Signe specializes in massage and spa treatments. She has always worked with people and has a special ability to read the different needs of the clients and thus customizes the individual treatments. Due to Signe’s calm personality and positive energy …

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Carmen Procopiuc

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Eliza Szelag

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Theresa Matz

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Zohra Schneevoigt

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Cherie Weichel

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Nina Neuvonen

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Malin Petterson

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Nikita Pfeiffer

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Philina Persson

Text and portrait coming soon.

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Eva-Britt Olsson

Text and portrait coming soon.

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