Rhonda Brendstrup

Rhonda is a passionate body therapist.

“Since the beginning of my 20s, it seemed natural to me to help people with pain, whether it was a headache, back pain or something else. So after a while there was a massage table in the home and I have since given treatments in different places in Copenhagen, Elsinore and Altea, Spain. I have a Health and Sports Massage education from “At Work”, which for me, is only a small element of working with people. Presence and attention to everyone, is the most important thing!

I am very honored to have the skills to help others get better and guide them in the direction they want. In addition to body treatments, I have worked as a photographer since 2001, where it is also about “seeing people”. I mostly photograph portraits and make art photos that are exhibited.”

Motto: “Just do it!”

Rhonda performs the following treatments:

  • Workout (Amazing Face)
  • Face Sculpting Therapy – FST (Amazing Face)
  • Mini (Amazing Face)
  • Nordic Space (Spa & Body)
  • Romantic Moment (Spa & Body)
  • Detox Sea Wrap (Spa & Body)
  • Cream & Honey Wrap (Spa & Body)
  • Aromatherapy (Massage)
  • Deep Touch (Massage)
  • North Light (Massage)
  • Nordic Stone (Massage)
  • Pretty & Pregnant (Massage)
  • Amazing Foot Soak (Hands & Feet)
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