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High Tech Production

All products at Amazing Space are formulated with the latest technologies, using natural and organic ingredients. Products are like food for our skin, and our skin deserves only the very best!

The formulas are developed and tested in Denmark. The ingredients are carefully selected for each product, and often contain more than 50 active ingredients. They are supplied by international, certified raw material suppliers. Nature is our main supplier, and we combine Nordic plant extracts such as; sea ​​buckthorn, geranium, marigold and milk thistle with international, exotic ingredients such as; green tea from Japan, argan from Morocco, aloe vera from America, rose from Bulgaria and inca omega from the Amazonas in Peru.

The production and development of our products are carried out by experts at selected companies specializing in their field. All skin care products are therefore developed based on the latest science and technology. We combine old traditions of cosmetic use with today’s most active and modern active ingredients such as: peptides, enzymes, aha, BHA, retinol, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and vitamin complexes.

Production takes place primarily in Denmark, as well as abroad, since there is no tradition of producing organic makeup, aromatherapy or scents in Denmark. However, the formulas are always produced in small quantities, to make insure there are always fresh items on the shelves.

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