Big and small challenges with the skin

Regardless of your skin type, challenges can arise. Some are transient, while others are more permanent. But no matter the challenges, there is often a lot you can do yourself to achieve more beautiful, fresher, and younger looking skin. Continue reading here for guidance and practical solutions that you can begin using today.

Pigment changes and dark spots

Challenges in pigment in the skin are due to an increased production from the skin’s own pigment-producing cells. They appear in the form of uneven and dark areas of the skin. Pigment changes can occur as a result of sunbathing, or in typical sun-exposed areas and are therefore aggravated by UV and sunlight.

What you can do

You can prevent pigment changes by using sunscreen or trying to completely avoid direct sunlight. You can also remedy the problem with the help of acidic products, for example with kojic acid from Japanese rice wine and creams with glutathione, which is an antioxidant found in crushed pearl extract.

Products that prevent and improve pigment changes

Impure skin

Impure skin is seen in several different contexts and can be caused by a number of things. For example, it may be a hormonal condition, but may also be related to lifestyle or diet. Impure skin is often tender and shows itself in areas of swelling, redness and possibly inflammation.

What you can do

Avoid peeling and pressing on the area, as you will spread the inflammation further around the skin and thus aggravate the condition. Instead, we recommend applying an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory concentrate. It is also important to keep the pores clean so that you prevent impure skin.

Products that relieve impure skin

Open and closed comedones

An open comedone is a pore blockage that occurs when the skin’s sebum accumulates. This open type is seen as black dots on the skin’s surface and are referred to as blackheads. The black color is a result of oxygen exposure. Another type of pore-clogging comedones is called closed or encapsulated comedones and is seen as white dots of sebum in the pores of the skin.

What you can do

Make sure you have a good daily cleansing routine, and supplement with a mask 1-2 times a week.

Products that alleviate open and closed comedones

Enlarged pores

The size of the skin’s pores is very decisive for whether the skin appears fine or coarser. If you have very active sebaceous glands, the pores will easily fill with sebum, and the skin thus seems rougher.

What you can do

It is important to keep the skin clean with daily cleansing morning and evening. Apply a deep-cleansing mask, 1-2 times a week. For a nice result over time, it is important to keep the pores deeply cleansed, thus allowing the skin to contract itself.

Products that prevent and remedy enlarged pores

Pore refining masks are most effective when you combine them and thus can take advantage of the synergy, but they are also good individually. They can easily be used in specific areas, for example on the nose, forehead, and chin, but offer overall care, so it is ideal to treat the entire face.

Reactive and blushing skin

Reactive and blushing skin is often seen in connection with a stressful lifestyle, sun exposure or overtreatment. Many respond to external influences by blushing and flaring up. When the skin is weakened, it can easily become hypersensitive, which can lead to rashes, bumps and, in the worst case, eczema. Some have a particular tendency to eczema, but the condition can also be experienced as a transient skin condition, and here many are predisposed.

What you can do

It is important not to over-treat, but simply allow the skin some peace with gentle and calming skincare, avoiding all active products and treatments.

Products that soothe and care for reactive and blushing skin

Signs of aging in the skin

From an academic point of view, skin aging is described as atrophy, which is both genetic and determined by age and environment. With atrophy, the skin appears more shrunken, with the occurrence of wrinkles, lines and sagging. If you have dry skin, for example, it may look aged beyond its years.

What you can do

There are many things you can do yourself to counteract the signs of aging in the skin:

  • Exfoliation twice a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin’s cell rhythm and the formation of new skin cells. This aids in rejuvenating especially dry skin.
  • Retinol and fruit acid AHA masks are effective in boosting the collagen formation in the skin and in promoting the natural formation of hyaluronic acid, which is the skin’s own moisture. Proteins and peptides in the creams refine and smooth the surface of the skin.
  • Prevent skin aging with normal healthy living, sun protection and active skin care.
Products that reduce signs of aging

Here are a number of products that tighten, smooth and nourish the skin inside and out. You do not have to use them all, however, see them as options that can be prioritized according to climate, season and age.


Puffiness in the face, neck, and eye area, as well as bags under the eyes, are both uncomfortable and unfortunate. The problem will often leave us feeling less fresh, while appearing tired and unwell.

What you can do

In general, it is important to ensure a good fluid balance and avoid salt, caffeine, and sugar.

Products and techniques that counteract swelling

Here you will find a number of suggestions for effective solutions through active skincare products as well as techniques for fluid-draining treatments, which you can easily perform yourself at home in just 5 minutes.

Treatments at home: You can either perform treatments with a Japanese Gua sha stone or Thermogenic LED Facial Bar with astringent and cooling effect. Here are explanatory videos for both treatments.


Scars can be seen as minor local damage to the skin or as locally widespread scar tissue. The problem can occur as a trauma after wounds, injuries, burns, blemishes, inflammatory conditions or after surgery.

What you can do

It is best to treat newer scar tissue to achieve the best results. During treatment, sun protection or complete avoidance, is needed so as not to permanently darken or redden the tissue, as the skin forms extra pigment while it heals.

Products that reduce scars

Untreated neck and décolleté

The neck, décolleté and upper part of the chest should be nurtured with the same care as the face. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten, and this is quite noticeable. In addition, the décolleté is an area on the body that is typically exposed to the sun, so the skin here needs extra protection.

What you can do

When caring for and protecting your face, remember to include neck and décolleté so you treat the face and all the way down to your chest. Supplement with some of the following products if your skin has been overlooked and therefore needs something extraordinary.

Products for untreated neck and décolleté

Tired and dull skin

Tired and dull skin can be caused by slow cell turnover and lack of skin care.

What you can do

A good care routine with exfoliation twice a week will make a visible difference to your skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which stimulates the skin’s cell rhythm and the formation of new skin cells. The treatment is part of rejuvenating the skin to prevent it from looking aged prematurely.

Products to treat tired and dull skin


Cellulite is a disfiguring and big problem for many. The condition occurs when enlarged fat cells are combined with accumulations of waste products and excess tissue fluid.

What you can do

A healthy lifestyle with low fat diet and exercise reduces the risk of cellulite. In addition, there are many treatments that should be combined with a healthy life to achieve the optimal effect.

Products that relieve cellulite


Dehydration can affect all skin types. It is a physical condition that affects the whole body and thus also the skin. Dehydration always occurs due to moisture loss, but the causes can be several. For example, climate and environment have a major impact on the body’s hydration system and fluid balance. A cold outdoor climate, artificial indoor heating and air conditioning are often very dehydrating. Some medications can also upset the fluid balance.

What you can do

Drink plenty of fluids – preferably two liters daily. A daily “Skin Lemonade shot” supplies vital electrolytes to the skin, which at the same time improves the cells’ absorption of moisture.

Here are some helpful solutions to restore moisture levels in the skin.

More information can be read about dry skin under Skin Types.

Products and treatments that restore low moisture levels

Tired, swollen legs and feet

Anyone who walks, stands, or sits in locked positions on a daily basis may risk poor circulation in the body and reduced micro-circulation in the skin and connective tissue. At the same time, the lymphatic system is weakened, and you can risk edema or accumulated fluid and thus get tired, swollen legs and feet.

What you can do

Exercise, daily movement, and a good fluid balance are basic and important things. Here you will find inspiration for effective care rituals that can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Products that counteract swelling
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