Sun and summer are pure magical energy for our physical and mental well-being, where we enjoy the beach and the outdoors. But summer also leaves its mark on our skin as the sun’s rays wear on the connective tissue by breaking down the skin’s elastic fibers. So, do yourself and your skin a favor, and prepare by putting in the effort with exceptionally good and active skin care that counteracts breakdowns by regenerating and rebuilding. Try, for example, the exclusive Precious series with pink rose algae, strengthening minerals, pearl and diamond dust. Here we guide you to sun, summer and beautiful skin.

Remember the sunscreen

We must, as the most important thing of all, prevent and protect the skin from overexposure to UV-A and UV-B rays. So always use sunscreens in copious amounts when you are out in the sun for a long time. This applies to both the face and the body, and feel free to use several layers for extra protection. Always avoid the sun when it is strongest around noon.

Cleanse the skin well

When using sunscreen and staying in warmer and perhaps more humid climates, it is important to cleanse the skin well to avoid the surface clogging and giving rough pores or impure skin. Therefore, use Precious Crystal Water – 3 in 1 Cleanser as a liquid micellar water that effectively dissolves oil, dirt and residues from the sunscreen. The cleanser is as fine as crystal water, but feels differently rich and nourishing, as it consists of double-cleansing molecules that also retain moisture.

Refresh the skin

Precious Geranium Boost with moisture magnets is an enchanting mist of crystal-illuminated flower water from pink geranium with added moisture magnets from water lily. The mist boosts and refreshes the skin’s surface and can be used at any time throughout the day. Perfect when the skin gets hot in the summer and needs to be refreshed quickly. It can be sprayed on both face and body and has a wonderful and refreshing aroma.

Siesta in the shade for face and body

If you are on vacation or holiday, use the time for a siesta in the shade. Give your skin a mini treat with Crushed Diamond Exfoliator, which micro-exfoliates, and follow with Precious Sea Pearl Mask, which deep cleanses, tightens and contracts pores. End the siesta with a Gua Sha crystal stone massage that drains away edema and waste products and lifts tired facial features. See link to our video guide – click here.

While caring for your face, try Ageless Body as a firming moisturizer for the whole body. Ageless Body is a leave on mask that you do not need to clean off and can sleep with as well.

Protect from UV rays, digital light and oxidative stress

A good way to protect the skin is to use a day cream with a protective filter in everyday life. Precious Premium Pearl SPF. 15 is a cream that produces beautiful, illuminating and evening glow, and which prevents and improves pigment disorders and previous sun damage. The texture is like velvet with the scent of discreet, summery jasmine. Precious Pro-Age with SPF. 30 provides extra high protection against UV rays and at the same time counteracts digital light and oxidative stress from our surroundings with the help of a special protective deep-sea algae extract.

Anti-age serum

Under your cream you can use liquid Precious Diamond Drops, which is the most exclusive anti-aging serum with pink rose algae, hyaluronic acid and crushed diamond dust, which beautifully illuminates, smooths and tightens the skin in an almost magical way.

Crystal Skin Roller

While applying serum, you can use the beautiful Crystal Skin Roller that cools, drains and astringes the skin.

Kissable Lips

Try Precious Kissable Lips, which is a regenerating lip balm with a natural pink tone from tourmaline stones. Also apply a little as a highlight at the eyebrows or use it to soften the cuticles.

Summer Favorites

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