Give yourself a facial massage

After your evening facial cleanse, try massaging your face and neck with a suitable oil, such as apricot kernel or sweet almond oil, and optionally add two drops of essential lavender extract to boost the relaxing effect.

Here’s how you do it:

Lift the muscles with deep strokes, using both palms alternately.

Make sure the entire palm is in contact with the skin. Let the movements be calm and slow, as well as slightly upward, so that you feel you are lifting the facial features. Start at the chest and work your hands alternately in upward strokes across the neck, chin, jaw, cheeks and forehead towards the hairline.

Repeat the following movements three times with the entire palm:

  • Inside and out from the sternum to the shoulders and up the neck to the lower jaw. From the chin and beyond the lower jaw.
  • From the nose to the ears.
  • Over eyebrows and forehead.
  • Knead the facial muscle with small skin-surface connections between thumb and forefinger. Start at the neck and work upwards.
  • Stimulate the deeper muscle tissue with rotating point massage on the face’s pressure points or selected acupressure points – Start at the neck and work upwards

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