We are heading towards autumn, and it is time for coziness and indoor life, which is ideal for beautiful and pampering care rituals. When we move inside and turn up the heat or light a fire in the fireplace or wood stove, it is pure coziness at its best. But be aware that the combination of the colder outdoor temperature and the dry indoor climate is a challenge for your skin, which easily dehydrates and begins to look sad. That is why we guide you here to a healthy and well-groomed autumn skin.

Give your skin a protective coat

Now you need to replace your cream with a variant with a texture that protects against wind, weather and cold. The award-winning Delicate Skin is the perfect transition cream that moisturizes, protects and smooths the skin with soothing extracts of avocado, sesame, hyaluronic acid with filler effect and skin-refining papain enzymes.

First the undershirt

Under the cream you can apply a few soothing and vitamin-rich drops of Rosehip Repair. The oil is slightly liquid, but acts as an insulating undershirt for your skin, preventing moisture evaporation. It both softens the skin and counteracts skin redness with rosehip seed extract.

Beauty sleep with mask

Also, use the night hours and apply the Beauty Sleep Mask before going to bed. Use it a few times a week or as needed. The mask contains phytohormones from wild yam, which tighten the skin combined with a pure filler effect that smooths lines and wrinkles.

Emollient cleansing

You can replace your daily cleansing routine with moisturizing variants such as Shea Butter Cleanser with sea buckthorn, which is massaged into the skin and removed with a damp cotton ball or washcloth. Alternatively, try the Soft Blossom Cleanser, which is a velvety milky texture with mild yet still cleansing enzymes and soothing lavender.

Exfoliation with charcoal

To exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse deeper, you can use Deep Charcoal Exfoliator with activated charcoal a few times a week. A polishing face scrub that simultaneously stimulates microcirculation and promotes renewed fresh complexion after wear and tear on the skin following the trail of summer. Use it to your advantage before a mask.

Yoga massage balls

Massage is magical and relaxes mimic wrinkles. Try the soft Face Yoga balls of organic rubber to massage away the tension wrinkles. The balls are used when you have a little extra time or need relaxation. Use an oil for the massage. Here you will find a guide to the ritual – click here.

Daily inner beauty shot

Give your skin an inner moisture boost with Skin Lemonade of aloe vera rich in moisturizing electrolytes, antioxidants from raspberry leaves, antiseptic lavender and cleansing salt from licorice root.

To this you can add a teaspoon of Skin Food – Multi Omega 3,5,6,7,9 as the ultimate nourishing oil that lubricates and nourishes the deeper layers of the skin from within. At the same time, it is good for both bones, joints and nervous system.

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