The skin covers our outer body and is therefore our largest organ! It is through the skin that we radiate the state of balance we are in.

The skin does not just need the right skincare products. All too often, we forget – or maybe we don not know – that the skin also needs to be supplied with special vitamins, minerals, oils, and antioxidants to achieve the inner radiance and balance we strive for.

We can achieve this partly through good products that cater to the skin as if it were its “food”, but also through the sun’s rays, which activates the natural and important formation of vitamin D.

It can easily be seen in both complexion and the level of inner radiance whether one is fresh and healthy or weakened and ill. That is why we also feel fresher, healthier, and more beautiful when we have a beautiful complexion. The sun provides us with exactly that, and therefore, for many people, it has an attractive magnetic force and energy that draws us in.

Protection from the outside

On the one hand, make sure you get the sun you need. On the other hand, avoid the sun that damages your skin ”.

With all we can do from the inside, we also have to make sure to protect the skin from the outside. While protecting against the effects of dirt and pollution, we must especially take good care of the skin when exposed to the sun – a stay that must be dosed in the right quantities. On the one hand, make sure you get the sun you need. On the other hand, avoid the sun that damages your skin.

Sun in controlled amounts is good, because the sun increases the production and absorption of vitamin D, which strengthens our bones and joints.

A daily dose of just 10-15 minutes outside is perfect. If you overload your skin with the strong UV light, you destroy the skin’s elastic fibres and age the skin prematurely. Intensive sunbathing causes the skin to try to cope with the stress by thickening itself. This creates the “leather” look. Added to that a risk of developing skin cancer. Always use sunscreen and avoid direct sun between 12noon and 3 pm.

Sun-kissed without harmful rays

There are many options for achieving a beautiful complexion without exposing the skin to the harmful rays. Self-tanning creams and sprays offer a risk-free, beautiful golden glow to the skin. The colour lasts up to 5 days, and with regular use you can extend the bronzing effect.

Guide to sun protection

  • For optimal application of sunscreen, use a generous amount equivalent to a double handful on the whole body and face.
  • Use at least factor SPF 15, but preferably SPF 30 or 50 in the summer and when staying in direct sunlight.
  • The product must be applied for 20-30 minutes before venturing out to the sun to make sure that it is absorbed.
  • There is evidence that double application significantly extends the durability and level of protection, so it can definitely be recommended for those with sensitive skin.
  • When sunbathing, re-apply sunscreen every hour.
  • For extra protection – use a sun hat, appropriate clothing and stay in the shade.


  • Excessive sunbathing eventually destroys the skin’s elastic fibres and causes premature aging of the skin.
  • Always use sunscreen to avoid sunburns, which can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Avoid direct sunlight between 12noon and 3pm, when the sun is highest in the sky.
  • After sun exposure, always apply hydrating and cooling After sun cream to balance, soothe and prevent the dehydrating effect that too much sun can have on the skin.
  • Self-tanning creams offer a risk-free, beautiful golden glow to the skin. The colour lasts up to 5 days, and with regular use you can extend the bronzing effect.


Sunlight Sufflé SPF 30

Organic, nourishing and protective sunscreen for body and face – with healing nectar from aloe vera and anti-aging nourishing argan oil and sea buckthorn extract. A cream based on optimal protection SPF system, which does not “whiten” or clog the skin and comes without nano particles. The texture is nourishing, yet as light as soufflé, and can be used alone or as day cream in warm climates. The sunscreen is approved by the asthma and allergy association. The sunscreen acts by absorbing the sun’s rays and gives optimum protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Excellent for sensitive skin due to anti-inflammatory apricot kernel oil which prevents erythema and redness.

PRO:LAB High Defense SPF 50

Nourishing, protective day cream shielding against UVA, UVB and digital light. Contains pseudoalteronomas extract from deep in the arctic ocean. Regenerating and protective day cream for all skin types. Protects against pollution and oxidative stress with antioxidants from red algae. Carrageenan red algae and hexapeptides have a firming effect on the skin. Organic avocado, argan and rosehip oil soften the skin.

Cool Breeze Aftersun

Cool Breeze is a revitalizing gel that cools and soothes with mint and fresh aloe vera juice. The high content of hyaluronic acid intensively hydrates, while vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant and repairs the connective tissues. Chamomile soothes redness and calms the skin, whilst acacia supports the skin’s barrier.

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