Amazing Space is built on a desire to design pure products based on natural ingredients. Nature is our most important supplier of ingredients, which is why preserving and giving back to nature plays a major role in our business.

It is an honour to collaborate with initiatives and organizations that are striving to create a sustainable future where we all live in harmony with nature. By donating 5% of the profits in the “Sweet Charity” series to the WWF towards saving our nature.

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Sweet Charity - WWF & Amazing Space

- We light up for a good cause!

Our nature and climate are threatened. Rainforests disappearing, seas polluted and greenhouse gas emissions wreak havoc with our climate. The unique natural areas and animal species of our world are endangered.

WWF is working towards a sustainable future where man lives in harmony with nature and fragile ecosystems. These are initiatives and core values ​​that we support, so Amazing Space is a corporate sponsor for WWF, allocating 5% of profits from the sale of each product from “Sweet Charity”, our range of organic scented candles, perfumes and diffusers for the home.

Crafted from pure, plant essential oils and waxes – you can literally light candles for a good cause. Sweet charity candles and diffusers are perfect as host or hostess gifts, that benefit both recipient and WWF and communicate the mission.

At Amazing Space, we have faith in WWF, as one of the largest and most respected, international nature conservation organizations in the world, and at the forefront in the development of a healthy future for our planet.

Nature is our most important gift and greatest source of inspiration, and we must do our best to protect it!

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