Amazing Space holistic universe encompasses a huge range – from skincare, body care, fragrances, makeup and supplements. It can be difficult to choose what you need! Here is some inspiration from our team of professional skin care specialists, that highlight their own favourite amazing products.

Dorte Mølholt

Spa Expert

Miracle Mask
I am a big advocate for our professional peels. That you can work concentrated on problem areas, such as, wrinkles, pigmentation, pore minimization and glow. A skin renewal treatment with both long term and here and now effect – blends according to customer needs. Highly recommendable and best with subsequent treatments in accordance with what you want to achieve – a product I have had great results with myself.

Collagen Shake
In addition, one of the absolute essential things for me is supplements – the inner skin care is crucial for optimal results. Our collagen powder strengthens connective tissue, gives a glow, reduces cellulite and minimizes pores and wrinkles.

Theresa Matz

Spa Expert

I turn my bathroom into a mini spa 1-2 times a week and use these 2 favorite products that I just love in my range of other great products that I also use.

Beauty Butter
It has an absolutely fantastic scent and the consistency is really good for my skin. It covers everything my skin needs and has a softening and nourishing and soothing effect. When I wake up in the morning I have the softest skin, a BEAUTIFUL feeling. I also use it occasionally as a cuticle balm where it works instantly.

Detox Body Exfoliator
I use it 1-2 weekly. It gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. I love using it because I can feel that my skin becomes so soft and makes my subsequent products penetrate better and at the same time it gives lots of glow and radiance. It also has a great scent of rosemary which fills my bathroom with pure well-being.

Helle Brit Andersen

Spa Expert

I have become completely obsessed with the new Precious series as my skin is delicate and at times has felt a little dry. Have I in the new series found the perfect match for my skin.

Especially Precious Premium Pearl day cream and Precious Diamond Drops serum have really managed to give my skin a satiety and a nice plump effect that is really visible and just feels absolutely amazing.

I just started with Precious Brilliant Night, which I warm up in my hands and massage in with the gua sha stone to get blood circulation going so my skin can really regenerate overnight. The best way to describe it is that my skin feels very grateful.

Signe Wolf

Spa Expert

Two of my absolute favorite products are Oxygen Elixir and Deluxe Body Balm.

Oxygen Elixir
I use it as a serum when my skin needs an extra boost. It gives my skin an absolutely amazing glow, while smoothing and firming. I love using it as a 30-day cure where I can really see the effect of its properties but would also recommend it as a base before applying makeup. Your skin will feel silky soft and smooth and the makeup will be completely flawless.

Deluxe Body Balm
This nourishing and moisturizing body balm is for me the ultimate luxury, it melts into the skin and moisturizes my, sometimes dry, skin. I love using it in the morning after the bath, and even though it is a slightly “greasy” cream, it is absorbed quickly, so I do not have to worry about it staining my clothes. It has a wonderful scent of i.a. lavender, rose and geranium. I can also recommend it as extra care for hands and feet especially at night where it can really make a difference.

Nina Salo

Spa Expert

No other hyper-pigmentation’s product has ever worked so well for me as this one! Now is the perfect time of the year to begin. Begin using before the sunny season arrives. In this way you avoid the melanocyte cells from becoming hyper-active. Use all year round, every other evening under your night cream, while intensifying usage from March to September. This product also helps to lighten existing pigmentation spots. From September to March, you need only use on particularly stubborn areas. Remember to use SPF 50 everyday as well.

Keep Calm
It’s a universal product! If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, this is the cream you should have packed! I use this for my itchy hands, which get relief immediately from its effectiveness. I use it for Rosacea-eyes (when Rosacea has made the eye area red and irritated), or rosacea-complexion in general. Not to mention, other causes of dryness, irritation or eczema. Not many creams can handle all of this! I use it also as an after-sun product (in fact now while vacationing, my daughter has gotten sunburned). It’s SOOOO good! I recommend it to anyone who has skin with issues! Sensitivity, intolerance to particular products, or itchy dry redness! The perfect winter solution for climate sensitive skin!

Nadia Hellemann

Spa Expert

Spirulina Shake (Discontinued)
This shake with Nordic herbs such as, nettle powder, wheatgrass, and spirulina algae, cleanses the body from within. Simply blend 2 teaspoons in a smoothie or juice every morning, for an extra green & healthy 2020! Try it in our Green Goddess Smoothie (“Grøn Gudinde Smoothie”) recipe found in Beauty Foods.

Detox Body Exfoliator
This body scrub cleanses the body with herbs such as rosemary and camphor, nurturing mango butter softens the skin, and crushed apricot kernels and rice powder sluff dead skin cells away. Apply and scrub onto lightly moistened skin 2 times a week.

Rikke Porse

Spa Expert

Beauty Butter
So easy to use in the cold weather, as it simply repairs everything. Face, cuticles, hands, heels & elbows, all areas that are susceptible to the cold. It’s a must have!

Ageless Body
The best deep skincare for dry winter legs. We all know the feeling of removing hosiery and leggings, and our legs are flaking away from dryness! Apply Ageless body (the body’s answer to Beauty Sleep Mask) to the entire body, 2 times a week after bathing and leave on overnight. You will wake with the most delightfully softened skin!

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