Rikke Porse

Rikke Porse is a highly skilled skin therapist, nail technician, cosmetic-acupuncturist and hairdresser and has over the past years particularly specialised in total-styling of hair and makeup for weddings, film, photo and party.

Rikke’s career started 20 years ago and over the years she has continued to advance in hr skills in both Denmark and abroad in skin therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, hair care, makeup, hair removal, hand nail care etc.

In 2000 Rikke traveled to the United States where she worked as a personal stylist and makeup artist for a special clientel. After several inspiring years in both San Francisco and Miami Rikke returned to Copenhagen and has since been part of the team in Amazing Space. Today customers visiting Rikke get the ultimate experience in calmness and wellbeing in synergy with Rikke’s magical “touch” that creates extra ordinary results.

Rikke: “My passion is to promote the individual beauty and aesthetic that is unique in every human being.”

Motto: Fashion changes. Style remains (Quote: Coco Chanel)

Rikke performs the following treatments at Amazing Space:

All facial treatments
Hair removal
Hair dressing and styling
Eyebrows and lashes
Foot soak & massage

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