Treat yourself as often as you can with delicious spa experiences. You do not need to stay in a spa hotel, you can easily create them yourself. Hot baths relax the body and mind, increase your well-being and give you extra energy. Traditions for special baths stretch back thousands of years.

Here are five recipes on how to create your own exotic spa experience in a beautiful yet simple way. If you do not have a bathtub and you cannot lend yourself to others, you can use a large tub for feet and lower legs, as well as a large soft bath sponge for the rest of the body.


Anti-age care bath with added milk and honey that moisturizes, softens and beautifies the skin and removes dead skin cells using natural lactic acid (A.H.A). Mix three liters of whole milk and 6-8 tablespoons. vitamin B acacia honey (softening to the skin) and adding the mixture to the bath water.


Medieval antiseptic herbal bath with healing and cleansing effects, using sea salt, lemon and herbs. Relieves sore muscles, helps to keep the common cold at bay and strengthens your immune system. Dissolve 2-3 handfuls of sea salt, then add the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon and herbs (fresh or dried) such as: rosemary, thyme or sage. Let salt, lemon and herbs soak for 5-7 minutes in the bath water before settling into the tub.


Detox effect bath with sea algae spirulina available in health food stores in crushed and powdered form. The green powder contains cleansing and detoxifying trace elements from the sea. The effect is good during a detox or diet and gives the body a light and clean feeling. The powder contains vitamins and proteins that nourish the skin. Add 5-6 tbsp. in the bathing water. After the bath, enjoy a warm detox drink made of boiling water poured over a teaspoon of spirulina powder.


Japanese spa experience with green tea and antioxidants. Add 1-2 handfuls of green tea leaves and let them soak for 5-7 minutes in the bath water before settling in. Green tea is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, helping to regenerate and strengthen the body’s cells. It also has a nourishing effect on the body, both inside and outside. Enjoy a cup of green tea after the bath.


Relaxing bath consisting of aromatherapy and romantic rose petals. Aromatherapy means treatment with aromatic essences that, by inhalation, affect your mind either in a refreshing (citrus scent notes) or relaxing direction (lavender and jasmine scent notes). If you want to experience a romantic version, add rose and ylang ylang. Apply approx. 20 drops of aromatherapy oil and sprinkle plenty of fresh rose petals in.

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