Treat yourself to your own manicure or pedicure

Prepare a hand or foot bath of warm water with the juice of 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon, to refresh and cleanse. Mix in a teaspoon of sea ​​salt that acts as an antibacterial, and a teaspoon of vinegar to discourage discoloration. Soak hands or feet for 6-8 minutes.

  1. Massage hands and feet for 3-4 minutes with a small handful of sea salt with a little warm olive oil and then wash them thoroughly.
  2. Hard skin on the soles of the feet is removed with a ceramic foot file and softened with oily creams. Also try massaging the hard skin with a nail brush right after bath. Feel free to file a little, but this often leads to stimulating extra hard skin formation, if you remove too much hard skin at a time. Too narrow of shoes or high heels can also provoke extra hard skin formation in the stressed areas, so change your footwear regularly.
  3. Massage and soften cuticles on both hands and feet with nail oil and gently push them back with the corner of a terry towel or with a stick of rosewood.
  4. File the nails in a beautiful shape by moving the file from the sides towards the center – thus getting the best shape and avoiding flossing nails.
  5. Finish with hand and foot cream and nail polish in your favorite color.
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