Detox Camp

Campaign - April 2021


Make time to treat yourself to a healthy boost, that beautifies inside and out. With the help of our detox products, you can restore your body’s energy, boost the immune system and promote positive self-esteem.

With the purchase of Black Clarity and Detox & Anti Cellulite Oil, you will receive Bio-Cleanse as a gift from us for your skin.

For those of you wanting to do even more to achieve that feeling of abundance and well-being, and a healthy and beautiful appearance, then you can go the detox way. Detox is an abbreviation of the English word detoxification, meaning to remove potential toxins from the body, as well as cleanse the body of waste products, thus cultivating internal and external health.

The Bio-Cleanse tablet consists of organic vitamins and vegetable extracts, all of which strengthen energy levels in the body, with rose root, turmeric, green tea and vitamin C, as well as Nordic herbs such as stinging nettle and milk thistle with a cleansing effect.

To be taken every morning: 1 tablet

Bio-Cleanse has a value of 450 DKK (3 month’s supply)

To read more about Bio-Cleanse – click here

This special offer is available through Friday 30 April 2021 or as long as supplies last.

Amazing Detox Camp

For you who want to do even more for the feeling of increased energy, well-being and healthy, beautiful appearance, then you can go the detox way. Detox is an abbreviation of the word detoxification and means removing potential toxins from the body as well as cleansing the body of waste products and cultivating an internal and external health. Many experts confirm that much of the food we eat today contains toxins of various kinds, which accumulate in the body.

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